SURGICRYL RAPID (Polyglycolic acid)

Type Braided and coated multifilament
Composition Polyglycolic acid
Coating Polycaprolactone and calcium stearate (1%)
Colour Beige – undyed
Tissue reaction Minimal
Absorption The hydrolytic action by which the material is broken down results in total absorption in approximately 42 days. Approximately 50% of tensile strength remain after 7 days.
Presentation Box with 12 sutures

SURGICRYL  rapid – The Product

Like SURGICRYL PGA, SURGICRYL rapid is prepared from polyglycolic acid. Again as with SURGICRYL PGA, the braided suture material is coated with a mixture composed of polycaprolactone and an amount of calcium stearate. Thus SURGICRYL rapid is similar to SURGICRYL PGA in handling, knotting, and method of absorption, predictability, minimal tissue reaction and tissue passage but differs in the following three features:


  1. Initial tensile strength
  2. Loss of tensile strength
  3. Absorption


SURGICRYL rapid is a sterilised coated braided synthetic absorbable suture. The chemical structure of the basic suture material and coating is the same as that of SURGICRYL PGA.


The material is available undyed (beige) in gauge sizes Metric 0.7 (6-0) to Metric 5 (USP 2) and in lengths from 45cm to 150cm, with needles attached.



50% of original tensile strength remains after 5 days (providing 7 –10 days wound support) 0% of original tensile remains between 10 – 14 days when stitches should drop off.





As well as rapid loss of tensile strength, SURGICRYL rapid sutures are also eliminated quickly by the body, with the suture mate




Sterilisation is by irradiationrial being totally absorbed by 42 days after implantatio

Summary: SURGICRYL rapid


Absorption profile: 50% TSR @ 5 days

0% TSR @ 14 days

No need to remove sutures Convenience for patient, less work for staff, decreased workload and resulting economies
Initial strength is the same as silk Can choose the most appropriate gauge Can continue with same suturing techniques
Synthetic Predictable absorption profile No concerns about residual material causing problems
Braided Ease of handling. good knot security Pleasant to use, confidence in knot placement
Coated Low tissue drag, good knot

sliding, eliminates problems of braid

Feels good to use, easy to position
knots, confidence in lack of potential


Coating Is not removed, absorbed with suture Feels good throughout use, no concerns about absorption
Lactic acid Controls absorption, speeds mass absorption Confidence in the best chemical composition available
Absorbable No foreign bodies left No concerns over long term problems
All sutures undyed No visibility of subcuticular sutures Cosmetically acceptable to the patient, no concerns for the surgeon
Mass absorption in 42 days No foreign body left after 6 weeks Confidence in good wound healing, no fear of long term problems


SURGICRYL rapide consists of 79 codes and is available on a range of “Easy Pass” needles, cutting and reverse cutting needles and TAPERCUT needles. These range from 12 mm right through to 48 mm needles.



Surgical Uses


Skin, Oral mucosa, Scrotum, Penis (circumcisions), Perineum.



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