SURGICRYL 910 (Polyglactine 910)

Type Braided and coated multifilament
Composition Polyglactine 910, a copolymer made of 90% glycolide and 10%L-lactide
Coating Poly-glycolide-co-L-lactide and calcium stearate (<1%)
Colour Violet
Tissue reaction Minimal
Absorption The hydrolytic action by which the material is broken down results in total absorption between 56 and 70 days. Between 40% and 50% of tensile strength remain after 21 days.
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A polymer is made up from groups of molecules called monomers, linked together to form a chain. Most suture materials are polymers. Silk is a natural polymers built up from molecules of amino-acids. Synthetic absorbables are chemical polymers.

Surgicryl 910 is a sterilized coated braided synthetic absorbable suture. The material is available in gauge sizes Metric 0.4 (8/0) to Metric 5 (2) and in lengths from 20 cm to 150 cm, with or without needles attached.

The copolymer is prepared in either undyed form or dyed in violet. It is then extruded into multifilament fibers which are braided to give the desired gauge then scoured, stretched and annealed to give the desired handling characteristics.

Polyglactin used in the coating is a copolymer like polyglactin 910, but uses the two monomers in different proportions. In polyglactin 910 the formulation is 90% glycolide, 10% lactide, whilst the respective proportions in polyglactin coating are 35% glycolide, 65% lactide. (The proportions used to be 30% & 70%, hence Polyglactin 370.)


This material is for use in surgical operations on the human body where an absorbable suture or ligature is required.

Surgicryl 910 can be used in a wide variety of procedures. Its strength retention characteristics and lower degree of tissue reactivity allows it to be used where increased wound support time is required. Surgicryl 910 are intended for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation including ophthalmic surgery, peripheral nerve anastomosis and microsurgery.

Surgicryl 910 is used in almost every surgical speciality.


Sterilisation is by the Ethylene Oxide process

Surgicryl 910 Absorption Profile                                                                                          


Total Mass absorption = 56 – 70 days
Loss of tensile strength = 28 – 35 days


At 14 days       –           75% of original tensile strength remains

At 21 days       –           50% of original tensile strength for gauge 6-0 and larger

–           40% of original tensile strength remains for gauge 7-0 and smaller At 28 days                 –           25% of original tensile strength remains


Surgicryl 910 Suture was the first Coated Synthetic Absorbable and has become the world’s most frequently used synthetic absorbable. It is the largest single revenue earning product in our range and is therefore the product which competitors seek to displace.

Because of its absorption profile, Surgicryl 910 can be used in a huge variety of procedures across all surgical specialities. This product is probably the single most important one in the range.

Strong Can use finer gauges, implant less material Less concern over problems with tissue reactions
Inert Minimal tissue reactions Confidence regarding wound healing. Less risk of tissue adhesions
Synthetic Predictable absorption profile No concerns about residual material causing problems
Braided Ease of handling. good knot security Pleasant to use, confidence in knot placement
Coated Low tissue drag, good knot sliding, eliminates problems of braid Feels good to use, easy to position knots, confidence in lack of potential problems
Coating Is not removed, absorbed with suture


Feels good throughout use, no concerns about absorption
Lactic acid Controls absorption, speeds mass absorption Confidence in the best chemical composition available
Absorbable No foreign bodies left No concerns over long term problems
Clinically proven Over 1600 clinical papers publish ed Confidence in the most used and proven product
50% TSR @ 21 days (6/0) Larger

40% TSR @ 21 days (7/0) Smaller

Superior profile to all other braided symthetic absorbables Reduced chance of dehiscence, surgeon confidence in closure
Monofilament available Holds during critical healing period then absorbs (No stitch) Uneventful healing, reduced risk of endophthalmitis


Surgical Uses                                                                                               


Bowel, Colon, Pedicles, Muscle, Peritoneum, Ligation, Tonsil beds, Skin, Vaginal vault, Perineum.


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